Installing Home Assistant on VM using virtual box (conbee issue )

Hi All,

I have mirgrated my HA from Rpi 3 to a pc running windows 10 using virtual box. The migration worked really well except the conbee 2. I didnt seem to connect conbee 2 and use my zigbee sensors.
Should I select it as a usb or serial port ? and please share your working config and settings for such
Thank you so much in advance !

If you go into “Settings > System > Hardware” and then under the kebab menu (3 dots) select “All Hardware”. You should see something like the following:


This is what should be used. This also assumes you have set it up to be passed through - in the VM for HA under the menu “Devices > USB” you should see the conbee ticked.

And I’m not sure if this is still an issue, but if you’re using deconz, some people have found the addon setup is incorrect and requires this fix. No idea why.