Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11

Okay thanks, then possibly the opening post should have been slightly rephrased

:warning: Using Debian 11 and following a strict set of guidelines available HERE will give you a supported installation of Home Assistant Supervised. If you choose at anytime to install additional software to the Debian operating system, your installation will become officially unsupported.

Technically, installing anything else than the required dependencies for a Supervised installation does make it unsupported, so the opening comment is accurate.

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and honestly who knows what bastardry is coming given the issue with ANY container made it unsupported only a couple of weeks ago after years with no issues…


I have trouble to get my bluetooth usb stick to find my BLE sensors. I use ble to get the data (this has worked before on my raspi3B+ very well.

How does HA supervisor can access the USB device? If I go to supervisor → host > hardware the stick is shown as Bluetooth_Radio. Did this also mean HA can access it?


A year ago, I installed ha supervised on my openmediavault 5.5 using the old script

curl -sL | bash -s 

which allowed me to choose the data folder on a disk accessible by the samba of omv.
I unfortunately broke my installation. And the old script doesn’t seem to work on omv 6 anymore.

So I would like to use the official way

dpkg -i homeassistant-supervised.deb

but I don’t see how I can declare the folder for
-d | --data-share $ PREFIX / share / hassio data folder for installation

Or is there a way to move this folder after installation?

Shamelessly copy/pasted without giving credits from here.

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Yes, you wrote it out nIce, and I copied it back. Credit need to be given.

We all stand on each other shoulders.

Hello, I created a Debian11 VM on my proxmox server and now I get the following error message:

sudo bash -c "$(wget -qLO -"
bash: Zeile 62: pvesm: Kommando nicht gefunden.
numfmt: ungültige Zahl: „failure“

That script is a different script. Use this to install supervised on debian 11:


dpkg -i homeassistant-supervised.deb

Ahhh, yes it does.

You are trying to run the HA OS script on Debian - it won’t work.

Either follow the Debain 11 install guide, or, the Proxmox + HA OS guide.

I agree, that’s why I‘m running HA supervised as a VM on Proxmox. I use supervised only to run ser2net (although still in planning phase).

I’m in the planning phase right now. Switching from IoBroker. What is the exact difference.
What is different with HA supervised?

Where can I find the correct installation instructions?

You need to do some reading my friend. Start on the HA website.

This guide is to install HA Supervised using Debian 11 as the OS.

If you want to run a VM, using Proxmox, follow this guide.

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oh yes i read it before and test it
Error on this point

Now i testet Proxmox Helper Scripts

bash -c "$(wget -qLO -"

and now lxc is locked

pct unlock 107 

don´t unlock :man_shrugging:t2:

You ran a pve6 script, you’re on pve7

This has nothing to do with the OP topic

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pve server reboot…its ok… what is login password

:see_no_evil:sorry its not my day

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This is a strange decision. Docker isolates containers, that’s the whole point. Why on earth would installing another container would invalidate an install?

That and blacklisting Ubuntu… Debian hardware support is quite lacking and won’t enable the display adapter on my small server where I was running supervised HA on Ubuntu until some dev decided they hated Ubuntu. I can’t install Debian on that server. I’m now running the VM but I get random problems with home assistant dockers crashing and stopping for no reason. It’s very unstable compared to my previous Ubuntu setup.

Sad to see a successful open source project like this take the wrong track.

Maybe it’s time to fork the project.