Installing remote access for the first time

I am trying to get remote access working for ha. i have followed multiple treads and videos, but not one of them is working for me. Is there a updated easy to follow thread that explains how to do it?

No, because there are 100 different ways to do it depending on the level of security you want, depending on your router, depending on what services you might want, even depending on your ISP.

The pure, simplest way, is to port forward the 8123 port to your server. However, this is the least secure. But it’s the least effort…so maybe try it out first.

After you port forward, google “what is my ip address”. Take that result and use it as your connection. For example, if google says your ip address is “”, you would connect to your home assistant via “”.

Then you have the next issue…do you need SSL certificates? Do you want to run google/alexa/smart things whatever services? You’ll need a DNS entry too. etc, etc, etc.

Did you want to use Nabu Casa? That’s different too…but by far the easiest. No port forwarding required.

All I can do is point you to yet another thread lol. I use NGINX for a 2nd layer of security, but it’s obviously not required. All this means is, I forward port 443 to a separate app (NGINX) and let it figure out where to route the traffic and handle SSL certificates.

That would depend on which method you are using. Nabu Casa? Duck DNS? VPN?