Integration of user generated Flower/Plant database into plant monitor component

A while ago I started a little thread in this forum to initiate a plant/flower database that one day could be integrated into homeassistant’s plant monitor. It was also featured on the homeassistant podcast. That way the user would only have to enter an plant ID into the config file and the min/max values for brightness, conductivity, moisture, etc. and a corresponding entity picture could be fetched from the web. To this date the database has collected around 40 plants/flowers ranging from tropical bananas to good ol’ kitchen basil. Please feel free to contribute.

Here is the database:

I’d love to see this being implemented. Maybe like this:

  PLANT_ID: 23 (optional entry)
      moisture: sensor.my_sensor_moisture
      battery: sensor.my_sensor_battery
      temperature: sensor.my_sensor_temperature
      conductivity: sensor.my_sensor_conductivity
      brightness: sensor.my_sensor_brightness

If you like this idea please upvote. Thanks.

Nice idea, but can’t vote for something in a google spreadsheet. It really needs to be based on some sort of web based api.

Also in your suggested config, plant_id should be the common name, users should not have to manually look up the database to find an id, eg

plant_id: monstera

I’m totally with you regarding the google sheet. To me it was the simpliest way to participate in collecting those values.

Yes it is probably a good way to get started.

I am not sure now on my second point. Typos would abound. People will say “this component doesn’t recognise my monsterrer”

Very nice! How did you create the min/max values for temperature and humidity?

Actually thats a bit of a voodoo thing. Regarding my plants I usually just observe them. You get a feeling for the required min/max values. The only thing I never really understood is the conductivity value. It’s measuring the plants need for fertilizer and I think it measures the electric current but this value also goes up if you just water your plants.
In the thread linkes above someone mentioned the API used by the original Xiaomi App but noone was able to pull this database. It’s really huge like 3000 plants and more but the data is not accessible so far.

Also, why only fetch the image? If the database is already being contacted via an api, why not also pull in the min/max values for everything?