Integrations didn't work after upgrade

Hello team

I can’t apply last updates to my HA because some of my integrations didn’t work after upgrade.
I have core-2021.5.3 on Rpi-4 with HA-OS 6.3 working but i can’t upgrade core…only OS.
These integrations doesn’t works after upgrade to any version newer than 2021.5.3:
HACS (and any add-on from HACS)
Node Red
LGE devices
Local Tuya
Ubiquiti edge OS

Does anybody experiencing same behaviour?


Same here


Please post logs of the errors you are getting when using a newer version :smiley:

I can try it upgrading to newer version, get log’s and restore old version that works…but…

What log’s do you need?

How can I get the log’s?

Thank you

First off all, update HACS and all other custom components to the latest version.
Second : check if your custom components have a version tag in their json.


I don’t asking for solution or help…I ONLY ask:

“Does anybody experiencing same behaviour?”

if you don’t have an answer to my question … don’t answer !!

I already know what a forum is and what a helpdesk is …

I ask you what logs you want because you have asked me for logs … if you don’t want/can help … don’t post a reply.

At least these work on 2021.9.6. I don’t have the other integrations, so can’t tell.

Did you actually read the link he posted, if you had you would have seen it directed you to the logs section and how to get them.

Probably not the best response to someone who was trying to help you.

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