Intercom between house and outbuildings

Any suggestions on something nice to use? It doesn’t have to be HA-compatible. I was looking at the Unifi intercoms but they don’t look like for between multi-buildings, they are more for one entry and then several answering locations.

I do like Unifi and I’m considering their access products for the doors so it’d be great to have the consistency with their intercoms too.

Most intercoms of this type allow you to call from one indoor monitor to another, so unless you actually need an outdoor unit for each outbuilding, the Unify one should fit the bill.

If you DO need multiple outdoor units to multiple monitors, your choice becomes vastly more restricted. I did install a Tuya intercom for my in-laws a few months ago. It works well enough (had to factory reset it a couple of times after a power outage, but otherwise it does the job).

You can only connect a maximum of 2 outdoor units though, and (from memory) up to 5 indoor monitors. Let me know if this is what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I can dig up the link.

No. Don’t do it. Unifi is great for WiFi/networking but all other produtcs are overpriced and just short of good. They will also randomly kill it just before it gets better. Same is true for their network gear it just doesn’t matter since they create replacement.

Dahua VTO and VDO is good product that is well supported in HA.

Look at ESP32-S3-Box 3. I’m sure you can make something with that if you can find them or look for other esp based prebuilt or diy intercom. I used Alexa for years but am trying to move away to something local. I got 5 Atom Echos and will see if I can make this work.


What about iPads and their cameras? Wall mounted? Which app?