Invalid certificate problem on IOS App

Can some1 help me out?
My home assistant is set up with duck dns - everything works fine except for the IOS app.

I can acces my home assistant with my mac locally and externally
I can acces my home assistant with my iOS safari browser locally and externally

But I can’t get the iOS app working. It detects my home assistant server but can’t acces is locally.
'The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “ip” which could put your confidantial information at risk. NSURLErrorDomain -1202
My router doesn’t support ‘hairpinning’ so that’s not an option.

The strange thing is that the app can’t connect but when i open the safari browser and go to my local ip address there is no problem…
Can some1 help me please? Thanks

See screenshots

IOS on mobile devices does not allow pages to open when certificate is invalid.

options: set up a dns server with correct name.
Many routers can do this by default, so i suggest to give tour local network the dns name, and create a dhcp reservation for and name it mvanimpe

In that way, will resolve locally, and mvanimpe will point to :wink:
have a look at → HTTPS inside LAN | New Version of HA iOS App - #19 by aceindy

Another solution will be to setup nginx-proxy on ha
Many people seem to do that, but I do not have experience with that :- :thinking:

my router doesn’t let me do that (damn service providers…) so I guess I need to look into the nginx-proxy setup :wink: Thanks for the help - I see what I can find about that Ngingx proxy

Let me guess…KPN expedia…
I didn’t even bother to connect it, couldn’t even specify the netmask :wink: