Invalid config - automation. Logs show line ??


Recently made the ring doorbell hack/fix and now my install says automation could not be set up.

Logs show;

Automations are working fine.

What can I check? I’d understand if it gave me a line to check but it isn’t!

HASS.IO on 103.4


You can use the Configuration Checker under the Server Controls tab, here information about what is wrong will be given.

Configuration --> Server Controls

You may need to enable Advanced Mode for yourself, you can find this when you press the little user icon in the left lower corner.

Thanks, I should have mentioned I’d tried that sorry.

Showing no errors and that config is valid.

Do you use the Automation Editor within Home-Assistant or do you use the old automations?

Could you paste the automation part from your configuration.yaml?

Bit of both depending on how complex it is.

After a bit of digging I’ve found the following;

but nothing has changed recently and the automations still work. I did find someone else on Facebook had the same issue after deConz updated. I updated mine recently now that I think about it.

After the alias part just enter a/the name for the automation between the ’ ’

For the condition part I suggest you to look at this page about Conditions

I think the condition below is what you are looking for:

- condition: state
  entity_id: light.landing_1
  state: 'on'

You really need to get into the habit of posting the actual text of the code and/or error logs. It helps us to help you by permitting us copying/editing/pasting the code back into another reply post without having to type everything in by hand.

You mean like this?

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