Invalid nuc image?

Hey there. What’s wrong with nuc image? I downloaded it from an official page, flashed ssd and Home Assistant did not appear. I reflashed ssd again, connected monitor and saw this:

Image is only 285,5 mb is that ok? And it is .img.xz file is that correct?

I downloaded archive image and got the same behaviour with ip address. I can see in router’s panel that nuc is connected to lan and I can see it’s mac address, but no IP.
And with monitor I can see this (waited for 30 minutes). What can be wrong here? I have tried 2 cables and 2 routers…

And after restart I again get Security Violation issue

So I cleaned my ssd and used “first aid” on macOS to check if ssd is ok and it actually is. It is brand new, intel nuc is also new

upd. I installed ubuntu desktop on that system, so hardware is fine. Now it even more seems like broken Home Assistant image

Raised GitHub issue

Check your secure boot settings in bios.
Error: Image authorization fail. System can not boot to this device… (

My steps to success for on Intel NUC - Installation - Home Assistant Community (

Oh, first link did the job. Just turned off secure boot and rebooted. Thank’s a ton!