Iphone as camera

I’ve got an iPhone 5 I’d like to use as a camera in Hassio. I thought I had seen someone talking about it in this forum but cannot find anything. Is this possible?

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You could use use an IP webcam app like this one and pull the mjpeg stream into HA with the generic MJPEG component.

Thanks, trying it now.

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I have been using a different IP camera app, but probably works similarly to the one linked by @ikonixx. Nice thing about this one is that you can set up template switches to change settings.

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Thanks Mike, I’ve got the camera working. Switches next.

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Mike, I lost your post with the template switches. Could you post them again?

May thanks.

No problem. Here they are (from this thread)

  - platform: command_line
        friendly_name: Torch
        command_on: 'curl http://<ipaddress>/parameters?torch=1' 
        command_off: 'curl http://<ipaddress>/parameters?torch=0'
        friendly_name: Flip Camera
        command_on: 'curl http://<ipaddress>/parameters?flip=1' 
        command_off: 'curl http://<ipaddress>/parameters?flip=0'

  - platform: mjpeg
    name: iPhone4
    mjpeg_url: http://<ipaddress>/live

Depending on which app you used, these may or may not work for you. But they should at least give you some ideas.

Hi, started playing with this again as I came across an old iPad mini 2. It would be cool to wall mount it with Hassio running and also have IP Cam running in the background. I don’t know whether IP Cam purposely shuts down when minimized or if the iPad is unable to run two apps. I do have background app refresh on, but without IP Cam being visible, the video feed is shut off. Any ideas?

I am finding the IFTTT integration with Manything is useful if you are prepared to pay the 10 dollars per month AUD.


I am trying to do similar . Have you implemented this ?

I am in the exact same position. I have an iPad 2 on the wall and wanted to use the camera in the background. Have you managed to do it?

Not in the background sorry.