Irrigation Hunter X-Core remote control using REM pin

Thanks that’s helpful !
Do you use a wemos D1 mini ? I’ve got one but the wifi signal is just catastrophic… even if I soldered the zero resistor in order to use an external antenna… I don’t know what to do, I can’t event ping the board at 5 meters from the box

I use a Wemis D1 Mini Pro. The wifi signal on my board is fine even without soldering the zero resistor.
Maybe your board is faulty, do you have a second board to check this?

Good day, do you happen to have a connection diagram between the Wemos and Hunter? The one linked in the GitHub is leading to a 404 not found.

Looks like the links in the documentation aren’t correct, the image is still there.
hunter-wifi/docs/images/connection.png at master · anubisg1/hunter-wifi · GitHub

Thank you. I’ll have a look.

I’m using the ecodina fw on a wemos d1 mini connected to a X-core 601, I’ve been able to use it with REST API, unluckily I’ve not been able to integrate with MQTT.
The strange thing is if i use pre build image found on github the wemos keeps rebooting.
Building from source and uploading the FW then the wemos doesn’t reboot, the API are available but not the MQTT, anyone has been able to do it?

Hi @dehaas

I installed prebuild firmware but do not know how to manage mqtt setup. When I connect to WateringSystemAP I can only setup wifi I want to connect to, not mqtt. Could you please help to solve this? Thank you.

I installed the old veraion of bin file. Now downloaded the latest one from link below and I am able to add mqtt address. Release New features: MQTT · ecodina/hunter-wifi · GitHub

Thanks @roobaru & @dehaas for posting your work, I’ve created my own version based on mushroom-ui, with custom card which toggles watering and includes countdown timer:

Since mine Hunter XCORE has only 4 zones total (and only 3 wired), I’ve removed extra inputs from the script and added automation to listen to Hunters MQTT topic for command results.

Whole setup is documented on this github repo, for anyone interested.