Is a Switchbot hub necessary to use switchbot devices?

I’m about to order some of these puppies, but had a few questions first.

  • I assume the hub is for allowing devices to connect to Alexa, Google, etc. But couldn’t you set the devices up in HA and then expose them to your AI?
  • Is the only way to add switchbot devices by using yaml config files? There is no integration available in HA?
  1. If your Home Assistant hardware supports Bluetooth, then you don’t need to buy additional Bluetooth controller
  2. Currently yes, based on SwitchBot Integration

using an esp32. cost about $5-$10 bucks

-full local control
-don’t have to deal with linux bluetooth
-set it and forget solution
-no switchbot hub needed


Out of curiosity, why do you need the ESP if the device is supported natively by HA?

Bluetooth has limited range. The device is not always in bluetooth range.

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yes range is #1 reason. it also has the extra benefit of being a “set it and forget it solution” that will just continue to work as long as your mqtt server is up. Where with the native BLE HA integration it is possible an HA/Linux update etc can affect always changing bluetooth drivers

It also allows you to use bluetooth on HA for other integrations. You can’t mix and match bluetooth integrations without multiple bluetooth hardware. An ESP32 is usually cheaper than a bluetooth usb key or same price

Also my code has a few more features than the HA integration

If the HA integration is working for you though then that’s cool. I had issues with range from my hub. Having the ESP32 close to the switchbot makes it super fast and reliable

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