Is Home Assistant ready for SkyConnect?

I received my Home Assistant SkyConnect in the mail today (I had pre-ordered from

Is Home Assistant already prepared for it? Home Assistant SkyConnect - Home Assistant talks about it as a “soon” thing, not a “now” thing.

The packaging mentions, but that is a 404 for me.

It’s the same SiLabs radio as use Yellow, so yes, the HASS OS images do include drivers.

The detail is the current drivers are for Zigbee only, with some options for beta firmware / integrations to start to test the Thread dual-stack.

If you wish to migrate from an existing Zigbee radio (and use ZHA), look for other threads on Yellow setup as the process either assumes you have access to BOTH radios on one device, or are restoring from a full backup. Other Zigbee stacks have some migration abilities, but “it’s complicated”.

Nice. I don’t use ZHA, but Zigbee2MQTT. Will that work too?

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Simple question; complex answer :sob: :man_shrugging:t2::

Welcome Michael

Really glad you received your SkyConnect.

I have been trying to contact Seeed Studio whom I ordered mine from and it has been nothing but crickets. Does anyone know when Seeed will ship their back orders?

If you update (flash) it with multiprotocol RPC firmware then I do not think you you can use it with Zigbee2MQTT at this time as do not think Z2M support RPC firmware as of yet, see discussion in Home Assistant SkyConnect USB Stick announced - will be compatible with both Zigbee and Thread (including Matter/CHIP over Thread)