Is it possible to get USBIP or socat on HASSOS?

USBIP is a bit finicky and it is documented to only work on LINUX machines. I have found in VM’s on Synology it can be really hit and miss.

I’m running zwave2mqtt (and zigbee2mqtt) on a separate machine using docker which is really, really ideal. If I need to upgrade either I just have to manipulate the container and getting it started was just like 123 because once you’ve worked out the correct command to start your docker it is done.

Got same issue as you.
To solution was to exit docker and execute modprobe vhci-hcd in main shell, than return to docker for usbip attach.

Hey @Paxy , Could you please explain what do you mean by “main shell” I mean where exactly ?

SSH access to HASSOS (ssh to port 2222 terminal). There you modprobe module. Than access to docker homeassistant and do usbip attach.

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Getting no such files or directory error :frowning:

USBIP is built in to OS9:

USB/IP support (on Kernel level).


Nicheeee, Let me upgrade to OS9 and check :slight_smile:

Has anyone figured out how to enable this on HAOS 9?

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Not quite fully baked yet apparently…

My read on those two threads is that the kernel module is there but an add-on would have to be constructed to load it and make it usable, and the add-on is actually impossible to make right now based on privilege restrictions on add-ons (looks like that’s going to be fixed).

Hey, is there some news with this? Does anybody know if and how it is possible to use usbip with HAOS? Or are there still the technical limitations at the moment?

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For passing usb devices (Bluetooth and zigbee) from windows server hyper-v, usbip whould be the best solution, right?
I’m also having the libusbip errors described on this thread, is there a beta version of HA OS that comes with usbip enabled ?


Any progress? I just got my SkyConnect and am running on hyper-v, looking for a way to pass it from my host to my hyper-v…

Also just got my skyconnect and run haos in a vm on proxmox. I’d like to be able to use it with Thread but having it physically attached to a remote machine ion my basement isn’t ideal. I’m hoping I can run it on the same pi that runs zwavejsui

I got it to work on a win 2022 host by passing through a pci expansion card with a couple of USB ports:

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I am using usbip for a while now, see this add on (not perfect, but do the job) - GitHub - AverageJoe89/hassio-usbip-mounter

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Well, this might be gamechanging! Thank you very much!

is there any documentation how to install this addon, which a newbee can also follow?
Thanks a lot.
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Install the repository to the addon store, then add the addon from the addon store.

Thanks a lot