Is the Hass IOS app dead?

Seems like the iOS app is dead, or at least near death. There are a number of critical bug fixes that haven’t been merged. There also has not been any release in 6 months. Does Nabu Casa plan to move development in house ?

Robbie said that he would spend time resolving the app issues:

If it is a matter of doing things for free, I would pay $1 for the companion app in the app store. I think others would too

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I think it’s more about time and lack of others contributing than the meager amount of money that he might earn from a $1 app for a free platform, especially when most folks can replicate most of the functionality for free or almost free. It’s more convenient, but hardly required.

Fair enough. Thank you for the insight

I understand that he makes very little, if any, from this project. Robbies efforts thus far have been tremendous, and he should absolutly be commended. That being said I am sure he has other commitments which outweigh this app. This is why I am wondering if Nabu Casa plans to adopt it as the official companion app.

Also FWIW I also would gladly pay a few bucks for it, provided it was maintained.


Home assistant is not listed in the app store, i can’t find the app.

is anyone else have the same issue ?

It has been pulled while Robbie fixes up some issues. Should be back soon. Also requires updating HA to 0.110.5, which is available now.

wow, i have uninstalled it, now i need to wait until he will return :frowning:

If you had installed the app previously you can redownload it right now from the “Purchased” section of the App Store.

Tap on your profile image in the top right corner of App Store app, then tap “Purchased”, type Home Assistant in the search bar, and download it from there.


I have the same problem, I installed app in mid May on iPhone and now in the store it’s not visible for other iPhone.

Fixed for me with 110.6

is anyone working ios notification via app ?
it’s not working for me.

Haven’t used iOS notifications for ages, but the latest update from the store has stopped the flood of errors.

You must have something wrong in your configuration. I’ve had no issues with notifications.

he was working just great until all the issues with the app

Do you have any error logs from when you try to send a notification. Have you checked you are sending to the correct target

Solved by deleting the mobile app intergation and reinstall it.