Issues to securely add a zwave device

Hi guys,

I am facing an issue that I hope someone could help me to fix it.
I have a multi sensor 6 from AEOTEC, i add the device using OZWCP via Domoticz (as I cant manage to have the original one working on docker). i can add it securely there and everything seems to work.
after that, i save the config file and copy it on the HASS config folder.
the problem is that HASS never recognize the secure device. once i look to the zwave logs i got the message:

2016-08-30 18:23:09.007 Warning, Node014, Failed to Decrypt Packet
2016-08-30 18:23:09.007 Detail, Removing current message

If i try to add it securely direct on HASS, it simple add it on normal mode (even if i try to go to the secure option).

any ideas are very much welcome :slight_smile:



I suggest you move this over to the Zwave category so the right folks can see it =)

good point! :slight_smile:

thanks! i will fix it, and to be honest, i wasnt aware of the Zwave category!


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I too am using two Aeotech Multi 6 Sensor and also having trouble using them in secure mode. When connecting them using control panel they show up as connected in secure mode however the device interview fails for both devices (one connected using USB power and the other is battery powered). My zwave controller is a Razberry connected to ttyS1 on my Banana Pi Pro.

Now that I hear you having similiary problems with secure mode on these devices I’m starting to wonder if it’s a firmware bug in the devices itself or if it has something to do with the combination of the devices and the zwave controller. Which controller are you using, Razberry or USB gen5 controller?

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I use it on a docker container on Synology NAS.
the controller is a USB gen 5.

When I am on OZWCP, it works fine, the issue show up when i move to HA.
even if I try to securely add the device on HA, it does not work. when i use HA it pair the devices in standard mode and work fine, but it never pair then in secured mode.
so for me:
OZWCP --> pair in secure mode, works fine there.
HA --> dont recognized the device after secured pairing in OZWCP
HA --> when adding in secure mode on HA interface, the sensor pairs in standard mode.


Check that open-zwave can read options.xml that contains the right encryption key?
There should be follwing line on OZW_Log.txt when it starts:

Setting Up Provided Network Key for Secure Communications

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@MarkoMarjamaa that is the problem! you were right. I never added the secure key.
I found the direction on the Zwave component page from HASS getting started.

my issue is that, at the moment, i am using docker in a synology nas, so i cannot find the open zwave config to have the key added there.

i will keep looking!

thanks for the help!