Issues with hassio_audio container - SMB transfer slow

Hello guys, I need your kind help!

I’m running Home Assistant Supervised on my Rapberry Pi4, of course via Docker.
In the same Pi i’m using also Open Media Vault, sharing two HDD via SMB.

Since one week (approx) I noticed a huge slow down of my transfer speed: writing into one of the two HDD went from 90/110 Mb/s to 25/30 Mb/s.

Today I tried to stop some container to understand if something was “disturbing” my files transfer. What I found out? If i stop the hassio_audio container, my transfer speeds return to 100 Mb/s.

The problem, for me, are two:

1- I can’t undestand what’s happening and how to fix it;
2- Stopping the container solves the issue for about 1 minute, then the container restart itself.

Can someone help me?

Here you can find the log of the hassio_audio container:


Is your total CPU usage also quite high since you noticed this? The hassio_audio container suddenly started causing constant high CPU usage on my Tinkerboard S in the last 24 hours and I can’t figure out why.

There is another thread that suggests an addon that can potentially fix the issue:

Thank you for your reply!
Yes, I noticed an unusual cpu usage (not 100% as mentioned on the other thread), but I will try the same fix!

Thank you again!