ISY entity removed but device still present

I’m an Insteon orphan and just starting to migrate away from it. I’ve used ISY994i+ZW for several years, but am just now moving to HA and currently using the isy994 integration as I start.
I am confused as to “how” to remove a device from the isy/ha integration…because I can’t seem to get rid of it.

Reading the documentation, my understanding is you are supposed to remove devices from the integration, not just trying to delete it from HA…and this is what I believe I did.

I’ve just deleted a binary sensor from the ISY, and ran the isy994.cleanup_entities…this seems to have removed the sensor from the isy994 entity list…but the sensor still remains in the HA device list. I’ve restarted HA, and the device remains (but “Controls: This device has no entities”).

Also ran the isy994.reload and restarted…same thing…this device remains.

Discussing with the ISY maintainer…

  • Isy994 has not yet added support for removing devices
  • Isy994 has not yet added support for removing devices via the UI. (There are only about 10 integrations that have so far). The delete option was only recently added and as there are 100s of integrations that haven’t implemented it yet, it might be a bit much to add it to all of them.
  • It’s on my todo list but it’s not something I plan on adding soon

So for anyone else seeing this behavior, it is apparently expected…and reading other threads, the possibly best path is just to “hide” it by disabling it.

Apparently the “capability” now exists to delete a device and we just need to wait for the integration to implement it.

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