iTron smart electric meters - 902 MHz - anyone know the data protocol?

Was cleaning up around the meter side of the house today, and noticed the local energy provider has upgraded to iTron smart meters. Apparently these meters communicate using occasional data bursts at 902 MHz. Wondering if anyone already understands their protocol, or has cobbled together an ESPHome device, or possibly used the Sonoff RFBridge, to collect the data for Home Assistant?

Thank you in advance for any information provided!

Here is a (long) thread that might be helpful using software radios.

It will depend on which iTron model and how its configured as to whether this will work or not. It turned out in my case that my model didn’t work (but I could see some of my neighbors’ meter).

Took a better picture of the meter, searched the model number, and determined it is this one:

From the manual there: The Itron AMI7 is an electricity metering module which includes the register and display features for the meter as well as a Zigbee transmitter that operates in the 2405 MHz to 2475 MHz band and a LAN transmitter that operates in the 902 MHz to 928 MHz band.

Sadly, I also found this:

which clearly states “rtlamr does not support Itron’s OpenWay.” :frowning:

Maybe the Zigbee could be paired, will have to keep looking.

Contacted the local utility. They’re running a pilot program where they’ll send a gateway device to my home that connects to my LAN, that captures meter information and forwards it back to them. Then they want me to use their app on my phone to view the data. That’s an awfully long round-trip for data that’s already available at the meter at my house, don’t you think? And it doesn’t provide that data to me for my own use in any manner, whatsoever. It seems they don’t want homeowners knowing their meter readings/usage, unless the information is sourced from them. Hilarious.

If by chance you’re using Duke Energy, there is an integration that makes use of their new gateway.

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Can anyone confirm the gateway is still down, and if there is any other way to read the ltron meter without using clamps, ct sensors?

I don’t have the gateway but looking for a way to read my mains, if possible directly from the ltron AMI meter. I do have CT clamps on my sub panels, but hoping to minimize adding new equipment to the main meter pan box…

Did you ever find a way to get info from the itron AIM7 meter?

Nope, as I understand it, they encrypt everything. The only way to read it directly was using the Duke Energy gateway device, and they dropped support for that a few years ago. About as user unfriendly as it could possibly get.