Joggler + Lovelace?

As @alxscott said.

I followed the link and download Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic and follow everything on there but afterwards run of-settings -h to find the commands to autoboot/autologon.

I then followed this link which is a bit different to the above to set up the Chromium Kiosk

I then used this link for the screen saver but the auto boot didnt work. as I put the xscreensaver command at the bottom of the file when it needed to go existing chromium line

This is a lot more work than the above instructions but it may help a little bit


Just a quick update… This link helped me to get Chromium running without black bars top and bottom, and I have setup this extension to have a nice screensaver with weather and temp overlay.

I disabled screensaver but kept the screen power off settings.

That looks great but how did you install the screensaver as it looks like an extention to chrome. Is there a command line install or did you install the gui version of the OS ?

I believe you can do it via CLI; but as I installed Ubuntu to USB and have plenty of space I installed LXDE when I first booted the Joggler to make config etc. easier

Great idea to utilize the Jogglers with HA. Here just tested using Tileboard and it worked well in Windows embedded. Currently utilizing a couple Jogglers in Squeeze mode using the 1Gb internal stuff or in Windows embedded mode running using Seabios and a 16Gb SSD drive.

I have a few that have been running Ubuntu on the 16Gb SSD with EFI.

Will give this a try using the Openpeak 2 (Openframe 2) computers as they have 2Gb of play space.

Which version of ubuntu ? I too have a usb stick and this would be great ?

Can you install digital radio stations or make it to a media player that you can use in Home Assistant ?

The image from the link described in the first post here :slight_smile:

trying again on another usb.

Got ubuntu 18.04 installed and expand the usb and installed

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lubuntu-core
sudo apt install matchbox-keyboard
sudo apt install chromium-browser
sudo of-settings autostartx of

Ive had the lbuntu work once but I forgot to install the keyboard. so installed it and rebooted and only had a black screen once its turned on

so redid again and again still got black screen

I dont suppose you know what I have done ?


Try of-settings xdefaults

Also; whenever I had an issue with messing up the .xinitrc script; if I moved it to something like .xinitrc.bk and rebooted it brought LXDE back up??


Sorry, to keep asking questions. I have a form of lxde on lumbuntu installed but cant find how to auto logon.

Can i confirm

You originally installed

Ubuntu 18.04 lts command line version for Joggler as you posted.
Expanded the hard drive
Installed and Edited for xscreensaver and configured for website
Installed chromium

Then next time installed lxde (do you have a link to this and touchscreen keyboard)

Logged on and configured the chrome extension.

How did you create the autologon to lxde and then open chrome to relevant page ?

Ive been testing the screensaver but location wont set for weather… looking at the image you sent, you did as my temp said 25c too.

Thanks again

Hello mate,

No worries :slight_smile:

Installed Ubuntu Bionic
Expanded the HDD ( I’m using a 32GB USB 3.0 Drive)
Installed LXDE ( Possibly lxde-core but I cant remember)
Installed matchbox-keyboard, chromium and xscreensaver ( I’ve subsequently uninstalled xscreensaver as I’m using the Chromium Extension)

auto start LXDE and auto login as of:
ran of-settings autostartx of

Once I had chrome configured using GUI I ran:

of-settings autoxrun of chromium-browser

This starts xserver and loads chromium as of user.

Then I edited the .xinitrc file to add the required command line switches for chromium to load in kiosk mode etc.

nano .xinitrc

I also needed to edit chromium preferences file for the correct screen resolution. I cant remember where that files is but a quick google should fine that.

Regarding the weather; everything I have tried has failed so I have just disabled the weather feature!

Hope that helps.


Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the above. Tried twice again now. Definitely cant be the install lubuntu-core. This hardly has anything on it to let you configure.

Will search for another ldxe install.

What does your have installed as default for web browser, mine had nothing till i installed chromium. Another one i used had firefox.


With the minimal desktop environment there was no internet browser until I installed Chromium!

So it looks like I was using the correct version. Will try again as I will get this working with a desktop and photo screensaver. Currently got my old usb in with the old time screen saver



Im just coming back to this. Did you get any further with the Joggler and HA/Clock Screensaver ?

Im looking again now as I gave up last time and other projects on the go but I thought Id revisit it.

Id ideally like to add a media player too. if possible to listen to podcasts from HA and other IOT things like doorbells been rang etc



Hello mate,

I’ll be honest other things have came up so I haven’t progressed my Joggler… it’s sat on the side not even powered on :persevere:.

Ha Ha like me mate @alxscott

Thinking of getting a Echo Show tomorrow but thought Id give this one last go as I need one for kitchen bedroom.

Cheers for replying though

Haha great minds! With the current deals I was tempted…

I’ve got 3 Echo Dots already; but I like the thought of the ability to cast Lovelace to a Nest vs Evho’s native UI for Home Control.

It’s never a easy / clean cut decision!

Yeah. Just deciding between the 5" and the 8" screen.

Ive just added 2 wall lights with shelly 1’s next to bed, so could be a good way to turn the lights off on a night but also other stuff like cctv pop up when I link it to the doorbell.


Did you get the Echo Show ? I got the 8 but too big for the bedroom, so got a 5.

Not done anything with it yet. Is it easy to get Home Assistant on it ?