JSN-SR04T and nodemcu

In that case it’s probably a faulty sensor.

I was struggling with getting my JSN-SR04T working for a while. And had to pause to move my office… That took the last 3 months, before I finally got a chance to try it again.

A whole day of researching, reading, testing, trying again, checking voltages, replacing power supplies. Changing the ESP-32 for an 8266. Changing the USB supply for a bench supply…

Then I thought, I’ll try the other one (It took me a while to remember that it actually came in a pack of 2).
And lo… The second one has a power LED… I didn’t realise that. Because the first one was DOA and had no LED working… sigh…

I guess the good thing is I am now using the jsn_sr04t sensor platform instead of the raw ultrasonic…

I have a JSN-SR04T (version 2) paired with an esp32 receiving 5v input and gnd from the esp32 only, trigger and echo pin connected with GPIO17 and GPIO18 respectively.
My sensor stops working after running for a few hours and stops returning any value after few hours, even the power led on the JSN-SR04T stops lighting but everything starts working as soon as i restart my esp32 by taking out it’s power and connecting it again or if i disconnect the 5v and gnd from the JSN-SR04T as reconnect those.

I am unable to find the reason for this issue and I have 2 of these same setups and the issue is existent in both the setups.

Also my JSN-SR04T is not giving data in every 1 second as setup in the time interval rather it is giving data randomly and other times it shows Distance measurement timed out!

Did you set it up using this: https://esphome.io/components/sensor/jsn_sr04t.html?

If so, did you configure a mode by adding a resistor? Did you setup the UART Bus? I’m confused by these two pieces.

Are you referring to the blue LED on the chip, or is there another LED on the sensor itself?