Kiosk mode on 10' touchscreen

i got a problem. i checked the web for it but i can’t get info.
i have a Raspberry pi 4b and installed the home assistant OS.
now i installed the unit in a 10’ touchscreen.
booting is ok, but i cant display the home assistant on the touchscreen. it only shows the Home Assistant logo and the “ha” prompt

how do i auto start the home assistant on boot and display it on the touchscreen.

i got the UPERFECT UPi 101B06 ( Raspberry Pi 4 Fit Case With Screen RPi Portable Monitor – UPERFECT )

any help would be appreciated.

you type in the IP number / hostname of your homeassistant in any web-browser, from any device ithin the same network …try your mobile phone ,or elsewhere , if you don’t have a web-browser installed on your 10¨’

homeassistand.local:8123 comes back with unknown command
i can log in to homeassistand from my pc and mobile, but i would like it displayed on the screen connected to the raspberry.

you can only and always display homeassistant GUI in a web-browser, what you see in the screen on you PI is ha-console ( part of the OS ) … install homeassistant another place and then install a tiny os (ie linux) on your PI, with a GUI … without a web-browser you can not Browse to a http url

In other words: HA OS is meant to be installed on a server and therefore you cannot use it as a system to control/view your home automation.

As a test, I once have installed raspbian light, HA Core and the bare minimum to use a browser on a RPi with a touchscreen, and it worked.

@Emado: have a look at this, it might be interesting for you