Konnected Piezo / Siren

Looking for automation help to trigger piezo buzzer and siren with Konnected board. (I have Home Assistant on Rasberry Pi.)

I am testing my Konnected device using a breadboard. I can open and close sensors, and my Home Assistant companion APP updates real-time. The ‘switches’ are available too, and I can turn them on-off from the APP which makes the sound.

I am unable to automate the piezo buzzer by opening the binary sensor. Below is my automations.yaml file that does nothing. P.S. The ‘configuration’ appears valid to home assistant companion app.

  access_token: !secret konnected_access_token
  api_host: !secret konnected_api_host
    - id: bbccddeeffgg
        - zone: 1
          type: door
          name: 'front_door'
       - zone: 2
         type: door
         name: 'back_door'
        - zone: 5
          name: 'piezo_buzzer'
          momentary: 65
          pause: 100
          repeat: 3

  - alias: ‘Test automation’
      platform: state
      from: closed
      entity_id: binary_sensor.front_door
      to: open
      service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.piezo_buzzer

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Try with off and on instead of closed and open.