Landis Gyr Focus AXR-SD smart meter integration

Has anyone integrated the Landis Gyr Focus AXR-SD smart meter in Home Assistant? CAN it be integrated? It appears to primarily be a cellular meter but has other radios as well.

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I’m wondering this as well. My electric co-op is installing these new smart meters and I’d really like to be able to integrate it into HA.

Same meter. I just tried capturing it with GitHub - bemasher/rtlamr: An rtl-sdr receiver for Itron ERT compatible smart meters operating in the 900MHz ISM band. and no dice.


Sadly doesn’t look like its compatible nor are there any plans Landis & Gyr Focus AXR-SD Power Meter · Issue #74 · bemasher/rtlamr · GitHub

Anyone have updates on this? It seems nobody can read this meter.

Any more information. ?? MY electric company just installed the RXR-SD version of this meter

My co-op just changed out my meter to this. Any luck on integrating it?

None whatsoever. But still looking!
This effort hasnt produced consumption data yet but when it does… Just need to figure out how to run headless, dockerize and add a python script to MQTT publish readings.


Here’s my AXR-SD meter (in an apartment complex):

I found the specs here on Landis Gyr’s site, and here is the Data Sheet.

According to the data sheet, the identifier after FORM can tell you which one you have. In my case it’s 12S, which is an E331 modular form. Based on the same sheet, “modular” forms may not have AMI communication (E331 and E351), only the “integrated” design definitely has a radio built-in (E352 and E332). Given that the meter is in a panel with dozens of other meters, it makes sense that this is the modular edition.

Therefore I guess mine does not have the radio. :confused: Weird, because it also says

Select features rely on a communications module. Meters that are AMI-enabled with communications are clearly labeled on meter face above digital display.

and mine has a label above the display with a FCC ID OWS-NIC714, so, I guess it does?

Anyway, here is the radio in the wireless models. The datasheet says:

Series5 MCM0 Technology: IEEE 802.15.4-2020 900 MHz 2-FSK and 2-GFSK, Speeds: 9.6-115.2 kbps (RF Mesh), 10-200kbps (Mesh IP), Output Power: 500mW Max

Interestingly, 802.15.4 is the same base layer used by Zigbee and Matter! This AMI security diagram even suggests a Zigbee implementation. However it can probably only transmit 10 meters.

Another intriguing detail is that port out the front glass - it appears to be an infrared receiver and transmitter. The spec says something about an “optical port”, conforming to ANSI C12.18.

I found github projects which handle this protocol.

I also found a IR-to-USB device RJ-OPUSB-ANSI for it. So reading the meter this way should be possible. In fact, someone already did it with an older IR protocol.

Overall the most promising success I’ve found is this blog post, which uses the Termineter project. It may very well work!