Last_updated only updates if sensor value changes

Hi, I am using ESPHome on an ESP32 with a INA219 and DS18B20 sensor attached, updating every 30 seconds. I can see in the logs they’re sending updates to HA as expected, but within home assistant the last_updated only changes if the sensor value changes, not with each update as I’d expect.

If I simulate a change by heating the DS18B20 and letting it cool for example, it will update last_updated and last_changed every 30 seconds until the temperature stabilises again.

Is this normal? It makes it impossible to check if the data is still fresh.

HA Version: 0.101.3
ESPHome Version: 1.14.2

That is how it works in ha

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Oh ok. I am not used to sensor data quite this smooth so it’s news to me.Thanks for the quick response!