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Launched: Data Science Portal


Hey so I was trying to run through the Getting Started file, but when I press Run All Cells I get a FileNotFoundError. Is there something that I need to setup to point to my database? I’m just using the standard dB (though I might switch to Mariadb) and influxdb.


Is that on hass.io?


Yes it is. Installed via the addon


@kflinderman Whats the full error trace?



Now, finally looking at it I see at the bottom it doesn’t seem to be able to find '/config/structure/structure/theme.yaml' which is strange, because I don’t know where that’s called. My theme file is located in '/config/structure/theme.yaml' and the only place I call that is in my configuration.yaml file which has this: frontend: !include structure/theme.yaml


I’d like to try out that new addon.

I installed it as described in the docs.

When I click “Run alls cells” in the example file, I get those signs [*] and after a little while they turn to [] but nothing else happens (no diagrams)
No error in the addon log, no error in homeassistant.

What do I do wrong?


Any concrete example of how Big Data leads to new automations, that people have not thought about? This thread seems to be all about installation… Should we make a separate thread about ‘examples and benefits’, so people can make up their minds if they want to install?


@ros I agree a separate thread to discuss applications is appropriate, I believe there may a couple on the forums already. I recall one guy was doing some interesting analysis of his energy usage


I’m still not able to get results (something like a plot) out of jupyter lab.
As I understand there should be some output when I run the file “Getting startet” in the home assistant folder.

But after some time the * go away and nothing happens.


I’m getting the same results, which is to say no results. I am seeing the same behavior described above that the [*] are just replaced with empty brackets [ ] after seemingly indicating that it is running.


Unfortunately I did not find a solution in the meantime. Still interested though.


@hoobatoo can you provide more info on your problem?