🔹 Layout-card - Take control of where your cards end up

I’m wondering the same. I have 5+ dashboards that uses the layout-card break and I’d hate to do this global config for each of them if a fix is right around the corner.

I don’t believe the Layout-card is being maintained any longer. 83 open issues at the moment and this fix has been waiting for three weeks.

So looks like I may have to indeed abandon layout-card. What alternatives have you guys been using? Specifically for adding breaks.

I’m looking as well. I strictly only use the grid-layout but haven’t found anything comparable.

Does anyone knows how to change this margin to 0px? I have tried many approaches using styles or card_mod but with no success:


masonry-view-card-margin: "0"

to your theme yaml

I am sorry, first time doing this. Would it be in my card directly (if yes, how) or in my dashboard Raw configuration editor?