LCD Display with MQTT and Home-Assistant notifies

Hum… I tried but nothing works…

Hmm still no logs from u

The only error is the one before:

Error running command: sh /config/shell_scripts/ , return code: 2

I search about this one but I find nothing.
Thank you for your help !!

Sorry but u still didn’t give me output of manually starting this script outside hass

What happens if u browse into the directory shell_scripts and run ‘sh’?

Thank you, I don’t understood what you mean…

It works now with the log it displayed !! The only thing which don’t work is I wish integrate a state of sensor:
curl -k,2,1,fini%20a{{ states.sensor.10_minutes_fin.state }}

And the log is: curl: (6) Could not resolve host: states.sensor.10_minutes_fin.state

Sensor state must be called inside Hass … I still don’t understanding what u are doing and where u r excecuting your might want to talk German? If this is easier for you :wink:

In fact the “” was only an example to solve my problem!
It’s a french an I add “%20” instead of a space, because it stops the display! :wink:
What do you mean with: “Sensor state must be called inside Hass”

I’m really sorry with all my questions…

No %20 is the ASCII code for space …u need this to add a space on your display…sorry but i can’t help you out if you even don’t have the basics of Hass / Linux

Your description where and how u call your script is still not clarified… So I can’t help you a port mate but I need exact information about what u are trying to achieve and how u proceed in detail

please share your instruction

Would appreciate that as well, how did you connect the display to ESP8266 ? What kind of LCD display did you use ?

it’s ICS display… i’ll post an example if u lie guys

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