Letsencrypt with caddy on a Raspberry Pi using docker

Hi all,

I’ve only just recently started with Home assistant. I currently have a docker-compose setup running on a raspberry Pi 3 B+.

I did some googling, but I’m unable to find any articles describing how exactly to setup a caddy server on docker with letsencrypt - especially for the Pi. Most of the articles refer to x86/64 hosts.
The ones that DO show how to setup a caddy server on the Pi, don’t use an ARM image that exposes the parts that allows letsencrypt to work (atleast that’s my understanding of it).

Alternatively, if there’s a better way of getting letsencrypt setup + a reverse proxy + webserver, I’m all ears.


Watching this thread as I am currently researching the same for my new docker setup with docker-compose as well. I currently run Caddy on my All In One install and would like to do the same for Docker, but I am also open to NGINX reverse proxy that would automatically renew certificates.

Caddy seems the simplest reverse proxy to use. I use it for some things other than HA, but here is the recommended setup for HA