LG AC Wired Controller integration via ESPHome/ESP32

Have you tried it? This was my understanding as well. You just have to change the is_slave_controller field to “true” in template.yaml before flashing the firmware. Also, the 3 wires must be shared with the other thermostat.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will confirm once I get the ESP32 devkit.

I had to order extra tiny PCBs as well. I am shipping from Spain to anywhere in the EU for 12€ plus shipping. PM me if you are interested.

I did try it and it seemed to work fine. I switched fairly quickly to using it as my primary controller to see what was different.

Of note:
I did not get in/out/mid temperatures until I made my esphome the primary
The fan speed configuration went away after I made it primary
I think the LG controller as primary made the system stick to the schedule I had programmed (I would use the esphome to switch modes and it would sometimes ‘pop’ back to what was scheduled… I didn’t debug this much, I could be mistaken what was going on.

If anyone still has a spare PCB and is willing to ship within EU please let me know. Thanks!