Licence Plate Recognition Solutions?

Hi, does anyone know of a Licence Plate recognition solution other than openalpr cloud that would integrate with hassio. Tried to get openalpr local to work but can’t figure out how to install the command line utility into hassio so any other solutions would be welcome.

One idea is to publish to a MQTT server like ‘mosquitto’ and from there, You can display that plate number as TEXT in Homeassistant as explained in

[Display only text in card]

Thanks I’ll look into this. So the solution would be to install openalpr on a separate machine for the number plate recognition and then push the output via mqtt into hassio using the method you described.

Yes, any kind of image processing is pretty heavy on CPU/GPU. openalpr sates the minimum recommended configuration is 4GB RAM and reasonably good CPU and an optional entrylevel GPU for single camera stream. But this kind of utility never ends with one camera stream… :grinning:

Raspberry Pi has much lower computation power in that kind of setting, so Pi is completely ruled out.

Anything changed since this was posted last? Also trying to get local running on my HassIO box. Its running on a VM in unraid so should have plenty of processing power behind it.

I’m trying to set a solution up with MQTT and OpenALPR currently.

EDIT: just discovered a project called plate-minder that i’m testing out now