Lidl has released a bunch of inexpensive Zigbee 3.0 certified smart devices

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Lidl (the German international discount supermarket chain) has just released a Zigbee 3.0 certified smart home gateway/hub and many Zigbee 3.0 devices under their Silvercrest brand with low prices.

I would not advise buying their gateway/hub/bridge but most of their Zigbee devices should be usable with DIY Zigbee gateways/hubs/bridges (recommend Zigbee USB controller and a Raspberry Pi).

Looks like they might be OEM or rebranded versions of Tuya/HEIMAN Zigbee based products but Lidl has still gone through the process to getting them certified under their own named brands.

Sounds as if these Zigbee 3.0 compatible products will be sold in Lidl stores from next week in most countries in Europe if not sooner, but the exact release date will be different in each country.

Note! These Lidl sold devices are not the same as the Silvercrest Homematic IP branded devices which are not using Zigbee. 3

Update: To clarify further; these devices use the Zigbee wireless protocol so are not WiFi-based:

PS: If you are in this subforum and don’t know the difference then please do some research now!


They are already in Lidl stores in Denmark. I went today for groceries and was really close buying the motion sensor (99 DKK/13 EUR) but was a little reluctent, since I have no information about the quality of the sensor.

there is already a threat how to integrate it into home assistant

I use ZHA so personally, I am only interested in the router/end devices separately own their own without the Lidl Smart Home Gateway/Hub into as I would not want to integrate that into Home Assistant myself.

So please consider this a thread aboue the devices alone so not get off-topic about their hub/gateway.

Some of these devices coming to UK Lidl stores from 06th Dec

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They were officially released today here in the Netherlands. I had a pre-order online with a bunch of different devices. I use ZHA with ConBee2 stick on latest stable HassOS version.

Lights paired instantly. Tested E14 and E27 color versions. Motion and door sensors not right away. After 2 tries they were added.

First impressions on the lights is very good. Good colors, brightness and transitioning between colors. Tried to put some in a light group and works also. But when using light on or off with transition some stop toggling on and off. Removing transition, in my case 3 seconds, let’s them work again. They don’t have a built in transition like Hue. Maybe through cluster settings.

Door sensor is very responsive. Near instant. The motion sensor also. Like aqara it updates motion to undetected after a minute. They don’t have any other sensors besides battery level like light level or temperature as Hue has.

As soon as the motion sensor detects motion the led turns red. Hopefully this can be turned of through cluster settings.

Will report further experiences.


I disagree. The RGB colours are not bright at all and in warm white mode the bulb produce a hum. Going to return these.

The Christmas lights are better, but implementation in zigpy is not that straightforward. For now it’s only on/off. Brightness is there, but cancels the effect and isn’t linear.
Going for a twinkly. Twice as expensive but better app it seems and native Integration with HA from 0.119 it seems.

All coupled with ZHA

I found some more info of the Christmas Lights (which I have myself) here:

I have no idea how to create a custom entry in ZHA for this, so I can try to get it to work. Maybe someone can help me with that.


Hallo @X1pheR,

Also did some shopping at Lidl. I have ordered the starter set. What I would like is that I can use the lamps without the gateway of the Lidl, because I also have a ConBee2 stick/ network.
How did you add the lamps? I’am unable to go through configuration -> integration -> ZHA ‘configure’ plus symbol and then let search the lamp.

Love to hear how you added them, thanks in advance!


The lightstrip works great but i’ve problems to add the motion sensor.
How did you add it?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you guys use zigbee2mqtt version 1.16.2 to get the E14 bulb to work? I’m on 1.16.1 and get this error when trying to turning it on/off:

Zigbee2MQTT:error 2020-12-03 11:25:35: Publish 'set' 'state' to '0x588e81fffe9c4f3b' failed: 'Error: Command 0x588e81fffe9c4f3b/1 genOnOff.on({}, {"timeout":10000,"disableResponse":false,"disableRecovery":false,"disableDefaultResponse":false,"direction":0,"srcEndpoint":null,"reservedBits":0,"manufacturerCode":null,"transactionSequenceNumber":null}) failed (Timeout - 5807 - 1 - 9 - 6 - 11 after 10000ms)'

Edit: I went to the store and got a new one, seems like the first one was broken.

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Zigbee2mqtt 1.16.2 has been released today and it adds support to the Christmas lights as well.

I have bought a few motion sensors and door/window ones. Motion tested so far.
First impressions:

motion sensor

  • pretty nice form factor.
  • cannot be mounted in the corner (no handles for it). to be moounted on flat surfaces (wall). 3M adhesive tape or dowels (2in the package)
  • battery included
  • reaction time: about a second
  • time to next reaction: 1minute (too long for some applications)
  • it has tamper sensor built-in
  • no option to disable led


  • not tested yet but pretty bulky form factor. almost 3x wider than shelly dw sensor
  • battery incl

I found both very cheap (in Czech Rep). I got free shipping buying 4 devices only. Delivered in a week using national post services.

Motion sensor I have integrated with Z2M 1.16.1, but had to add it to devices.js (from most recent herdsman converters repo). maybe it is included in 1.16.2 - not updated yet

It is included. All Lidl products listed as Silvercrest

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Looks like the main ZHA development discussion about those Xmas light can currently be found here:

Suggest that you join the discussion there if you want to help (especially as most do not have this HW)

FYI, Zigbee2MQTT developers discussion about “Melinera Smart LED string lights” can be found here:

@Hedda, some pictures for you:

Unfortunately there aren’t any further markings.

Any chance that you would be willing to also fully break up the control-box for those Xmas lights and take pictures of the circuit board inside it? Hoping to see manufactuer and modelnumber of circuitboard.

Chances are that pictures of the circuit board (both sides if possible) could lead to us faster finding matching OEM/white-label product(s) from Chinese online stores to can be ordered directly from China.

Sorry, but I am not going that far. It supposed to be indoor/outdoor lights and the box is sealed around, visibly by silicone glue. If something goes wrong, the warranty would be void by then.

Otherwise, unfortunately the powersupply is buzzing when the lights are turned of by zigbee commands. And I hate poor QC on this kind of things. I might going to return it or get another power supply.

The model is the Silvercrest HG06467. That’s at least how it identifies itself. TS0601 by _TZE200_s8gkrkxk in ZHA