Light automation with Alexa only works partially

I am really new to home automatisation, therefore please forgive me if my questions seam to low levle. I am also not very firm in the specific slang jet. I treid to make a light automatisation. I use a WiZ bulb and I want to set different efects (such as Summrer or Fall or Ocean) with voice comands over Alexa. I developt an automatsation that is working fine if I trigger it in home assistans. I tried to trigger with a sentence. That is working for light on and off with Alexa. Fore that action I work with aktions on a divice For the light efects it dose not worke, there I try to use a service. I tried to trigger it with vois command and alternative with a shwich aktivated thru voic command. It is not working but if I voice it I get an OK from Alexa. I do not get any error logs not (from Alexa and not from Home Assistant), but nothing is happening. What I see from Alexa is that Alexa is interpreting it as a light scene. I do not have any idea what to change. Has anybody a hint for me.
Thanks a lot.

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There are multiple ways that Alexa and Home Assistant can interact, you need to tell us which methods and integrations you are using.

Post your automation or script.

I solved the problem, I have a Sonos Roam box for the vioce controll, I know my husband insatalt Nabu Casa und Piper and Wisper, but I do not know if it is used by the connection from Alexa with Sonos, he did that und in the moment he is not available. I am not realy up to date with what he did. We only started two weeks ago and at first he wanted to try things out without someone looking over his shoulder, now he knows more then me, I try to catch up, but it is not so easy if you did not do it your selves and do not know where to to look jet. sorry for bothering you all.
The problem was, as mostly always the user (me), I thing Aleexa got confused, because I had more than one automatisations with names that where to much alike (not the same but …).after I clean up it worked.