Link Date Picker and Stat Graph

We can sort of build our own energy panel, but only really, all we can do is leave out some prebuild energy cards, or put a different one on the top

I feel it would be hugely beneficial if we could for example link the stat-graph to the date picker, if one is on the dashboard. Just like the other energy cards.

So the utility meters shown on stat graphs would display the date (and period) that the date picker has selected. Sort of like this screenshot:

Addendum: Probably not my place to go sit in the designer chair, but I am envisioning the configuration would look something like days_to_show: date-picker instead of days_to_show: 7

I really was surprised that this is not possible right now. How can you properly generate some energy statistics outside of the default energy dashboard?
Of course, you can generate lifetime statistics, but if I want to calculate the revenue of my solar panels for a specific period (e.g. wintertime), I cannot achieve that right now.