Link from configuration.yaml to a list of input_booleans

I have 38 input_booleans and I’m a newbie; I will surely wind up with many more. Mostly I use them to create cards that open and close on a click, so I can have menus and fast navigation. I initially created them using UI helpers, but I want a few on initially and prefer semantic names, so I moved them to configuration.yaml. Is there a way to create a yaml file that lists all my input_booleans and is read by configuration.yaml, to declutter configuration.yaml, along the lines of scripts.yaml?

I realize HA would like us to use the UI helpers, but it doesn’t handle copying existing input_booleans, or on by default, AFAIK.

Create a new file containing all of your existing Input Boolean configurations. Let’s assume the new file’s name is input_booleans.yaml. Ensure input_boolean: is not included on the first line (or anywhere else) in that file.

In your configuration.yaml file remove all Input Boolean configurations and change it to this:

input_boolean: !include input_booleans.yaml

Go to Developer Tools > YAML and run Check Configuration. If it passes, restart Home Assistant.

After it starts, go to Developer Tools > States and confirm all your Input Booleans are present.


Splitting up the configuration

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Perfect, thank you! Worked first time.

You’re welcome!

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Done! Thank you again.

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