Link On/Off State of Multiple Devices

What is the functional difference between this this other Template? Linked Entities - keep mutlple entities binary state in sync (lights, switches, etc.) - #4 by TimU

Thanks for the work on this blueprint, it’s saved me a ton of time.

I have one issue which might be my use-case but possibly someone has come across this.

I have 4 lightstrips which are part of a group.
I’ve got this blueprint syncing the group entity with the light switch entity.
This works great for turning the group on/off from the switch.

But sometimes I want to just turn on a single light strip, The issue I have is I toggle the single strip, and then will then toggle the group entity.
Without this blueprint, if i toggle a single lightstrip the entity for the group turns to “on” but the other 3 strips don’t turn on (which is ideal).

Previously i was using another blueprint: adchevrier/synchronize-the-on-off-state-of-2-entities which allowed this to work, however with this new blueprint if i toggle 1 lightstrip, it will toggle the lightswitch to ON which is expected, but then that would trigger the whole group to ON rather than just keeping the 1 lightstrip that i turned on.

Any ideas on a way to overcome this ?

Thank you so much :smiley:

There’s an option when setting up the group which lets you choose whether to show the group as on when ONE light is on, or when ALL lights are on.

Maybe that would fix your issue?

Edit: found the option. It’s called All

So in my case that setting doesn’t work as I want.
I’ve found that turning on 1 light, doesn’t toggle the light switch, but also since the light switch it paired with the group entity, turning off one light when they’re all on turns all off :frowning:

I need to somehow get it to ignore the state of the other lights if they’re toggled manually, but regardless have the light switch toggle all on/off

This blueprint is designed for two-way sync, but you’re trying to do one-way. That’s easy enough with a simple automation, when your light switch turns on, turn on all the individual lights. Switch turns off, lights turn off. The tricky bits in the code here all deal with the various problems which come up with two-way sync. One-way has no such problems, so just a simple automation should do ya.

Does not work, when used with two entities it set status of the first by the status of the second, but not other way round.

This is brilliant! I use this to run the warm water circulation pump when the lights in any of the bathrooms are on. For this I created a “binary sensor” from the on/off state of lights:
Helpers > New > Template > Binary State > Template:

{{ is_state(‘light.e1_slaapkamer1_badkamer_plafond’, ‘on’)
or is_state(‘light.e1_slaapkamer2_badkamer_plafond’, ‘on’)
or is_state(‘light.bs_wellness_douche’, ‘on’)
or is_state(‘light.bs_wellness_wastafel’, ‘on’)
or is_state(‘light.e1_master_bathroom_wastafel’, ‘on’) }}

When the light is on in any of the bathrooms the pump is ON and otherwise it’s off.
Thanks so much for this blueprint solving an issue that has caused me so much headache!