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Is there a way to link to a website, basically just with a http link? Seems “weblink” is depreciated I think. I can’t find it on the card menu :man_shrugging:, can I literally just stick an ‘’’ some text for the site and have it work?’’’

Try the Webpage card.

Ya that tries to like insert the page, I just want a link to it.

Ya I can’t put an a href in it won’t let me save it. How do I add a link?

Is this to put in an entities card for instance?
I have this so I can tap on an entity in Lovelace and it will open the url_path

              - entity: sensor.tasmota_firmware_version_available
                  action: url

What if I don’t have an entity? Can I leave that out?

No you need some entity. You can use customize to set the entity friendly name and icon but you need some ‘entity’ or switch or even say person etc…

Hmm. Can I just make a boolean toggle helper? Also it’s saying I need a type when I try to add a card.

Here is the full card config for mine:

          - type: entities
            title: Tasmota
            show_header_toggle: false
              - entity: sensor.tasmota_firmware_version_available
                  action: url

You can use an input_boolean for sure… it has to be in dev-tools under entities though.

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See this example of the entities card im the docs, there is a weblink without an entity.

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what exactly is dev tools. it looks good and links to the site so im assuming i did it right. made it and stuck it in helpers.

In the side menu there is a developer tools menu…

also, i pasted the code from the link you put,
this didnt work on a card

or this

type: weblink
name: Home Assistant
url: ‘

so i think thats depreciated

u mean configuration?

No it has not been deprecated, I’m running the latest version and it works just fine:

Please also read the community guidelines and format your code correctly.

huh. idk i must not have formatted the code right when i pasted it from that link or something. thanks, thats definately better looking than a nonfunction toggle switch lol.