Linux libs issue

I’m going from an RPi to a NUC and have already tried to install HA OS in a Proxmox VM.
However, I kept getting errors stating specific libs were missing. Each error would be encountered after installing the last missing lib.
Is there any way of ensuring all necessary libs are installed when installing Proxmox itself or is it expected behaviour?

I’m not a big fan of proxmox, I used it for around 18-24 months and, apart from the GUI, don’t really see the benefit from running virtualisation in ubuntu (unless you have multiple servers and separate shared storage such as NAS or SAN for high availability). Once I could be arsed I moved to Ubuntu / KVM and am getting better performance in many areas. Especially, for some reason, my cameras, no idea why.

However, to go back to your question, if you’re building a VM under Proxmox, it really shouldn’t be asking for any libraries, proxmox has what it needs to support the VM and the VM should be built with what you need. I’d follow the instructions here:

Installing Home Assistant OS using Proxmox 7 - Community Guides - Home Assistant Community (

Have fun …

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With Ubuntu also, is there any way to ensure all libs are installed already because I had the same issue previously when installing that and gave up eventually because after I’d downloaded them all and installed HA in KVM I couldn’t access my HA instance remotely from my tablet even though I’d followed some extra steps I found on YouTube about adding some port forwarding.

Edit: That’s why I ended up going with Proxmox

Can you link to the guide you’re following or write out the steps you’re doing? HAOS is a fully baked image with everything it needs included. The fact that libraries are being installed at all suggests you are doing something wrong.

Follow the guides below.

I have published multiple guides which might help you install and configure things properly.