List of icons available?

Is there a link which shows all of the mdi icons available to use in the customize section?


I use this:


@balloob has been working on getting them updated with each release and has pretty much all of them at this point but there will always be a few new ones.

How can I manually update the icons? I find there’s a lot that aren’t working yet (lamp, spotlight, to name a couple important ones). Can you point me in the right direction? I thought it would be as simple as updating a package.json or something, but it looks a little more involved.

We’ve added a few of these in the latest release that just went out an hour ago. We’re going to strive to add a lot more of the home automation icons leading up to the v2.0.xx release seeing as many use this pack for Home Assistant. (MDI Maintainer, joined to say this :innocent:).


Back to delorenj’s question, is there a way to manually update Home Assistant to include more the MDI icons? There are several icons that aren’t available in Home Assistant that have been recently added to the MDI library.

Is there a better method than downloading the icons individually and using the ‘entity_picture’ customization?


Bump since I am on the same situation since one month back waiting for new icons to be available in HA.

It seems to me that a routine to add to HA new icons from the icon repository on every release is missing.

well, it does not happen instantly.
but what’s wrong with a solution from the post above yours?

In my case I’m waiting for icons introduced on February the 2nd. My guess is that Murphy would come along and say “hello” to me just after I have manually downloaded it and installed it therefore I’m curious about knowing how long would it take before having them available in HA.

nobody knows. you don’t eve know which version is includes (well, there is a hint inside the code but it doesn’t matter here).
2 ways: wait until it happens or DIY


Mr Aimc

Can you please explain how we load icons from to Home Assistant…

i believe you will be solved my issue

I’m still waiting for mdi:dome-light that was added at the end of April, and here we are halfway through June and the icon’s still not there…

still not available??

I might be wrong, but I believe I read somewhere on the forum that the problem is that materialdesignicons renamed several important to HA icons. As result integrating of icon set newer than 4.5.95 (i think this is the latest used in HA) would cause significant rework of what is used internally and would also break some custom icons configured by users (some would disappear, some would display different picture). While it relates to relatively small number of icons, yet would be breaking change.

You don’t have to load the Material Design Icons you just look up their name at the website - >, for example I want a garage door icon, I looked it up and its called garage-variant, so on the HAAS Entity card where it says icon you would do mdi:garage-variant



The icon support is just lame!
“Look at the official page” - “Oh no, you can’t use that icon! We did not integrate that 2 years old icon and no we are not telling you which icons are available” - “Yes that icon exists but it has a different name, just replace [randomthinghere] with [randomthinghere]”

(as you might guess, I attempt to replace some icons and giving up again for the 2348972398 time)


Just replace Uppercase characters by lowercase and add a dash between word :wink:

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This still isnt working. I tried this 6 months ago. None of the icons worked. Specifically the light related ones.
People constantly point to the site, but the majority of the ones I try simply do nothing.

We cannot get a list of the ones that “do” work.

Can we at least get the location of the icons? We could add the mdi file as ‘mdi2’ perhaps and at least get some of these to work.

I use this:

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The list of available MDI icons is great, but where can I find a list of all available hass:icons ?