List of MDI icons suitable for/relevant to HA

Hi all

I’v spent quite a lot of time browsing looking for icons that are suitable for use in my HA config. For view/group icons, customize etc.
There are a LOT of icons on there, and there is no categorisation or tagging - only a name, hence it can take time to find what you are looking for.
Just wondered if anyone created a reference to help people find good icons?
I didn’t find anything via search or in the HA docs.


It’s really a matter of personal taste; that’s why it’s not in the docs. Your feelings on what best represents a light switch and mine may vary quite a bit. For example, you may consider a car icon perfect for your garage where I may use the garage icon.

If you’d like a starting point for something like weather, I listed the icons I used in this post:

But again, these are choices I made based on what I thought was a good representation of these specific sensors and you may or may not agree.

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I could not agree more on personal taste - this is why we spend time writing customize.yaml :slight_smile:
I think it would be great to include mdi:car and mdi:garage - both are relevant for HA…
Nonetheless I think it would be nice to see other peoples ideas, and it might act as a starting point for others.
e.g. table with icon, mdi name, and usage in HA.
I’ll see if I can put something together with my ideas later tonight.
Thanks for the input for weather.

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My pleasure - it’s a big component with a lot of sensors so I included my icon choices to give people a starting point.

Another place to look of course are the example configs others have posted to github:

There is always Github search…

That search should get you good results.

Here is my personal Repo with MDI icons. (Be sure to star it!)


Agreed. That’s why I linked him to the cookbook since it shows this right up at the top with a pre formatted link for searching for home assistant related repos and configs. :wink:

@rpitera The link I put in there got mangled but it was a link to a search that was ‘topic:home-assistant-config mdi yaml’ and then just click code to get a big list of HA Yaml using MDI icons. :slight_smile:


Even better and it doesn’t seem mangled; I just used it and it works great. Nice one, @CCOSTAN!


Agree! that’s a great way to find icons used by you folks who are kind enough to share your yamls on GH.

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