Live Camera Feed in Android App

I have a tab on my dashboard to display live camera feeds. The feed is coming out of a separate Rasp Pie MotionEye box and displays fine on every device browser (desktop Chrome/Android Fully Kiosk Browser) besides my android phone app. Is there something I can adjust to view the feeds in the app? My yaml below:

          - aspect_ratio: 0%
            camera_view: live
            entities: []
            gridcol: 1 / 1
            gridrow: 1 / 1
            image: ''
            title: Garage
            type: picture-glance

Close that quote?

Good catch…It is closed. I accidentally erased it when I was editing the url for this post. So since that isn’t the problem, do live camera feeds work in the Android app?

live camera feeds do work but there is an existing bug in the HA frontend that prevents the camera from closing when the app is inactive causing massive battery drain and huge data usage. Best to either not use them or keep them on a tab that is normally hidden and make sure to close the more info pop-up. Don’t leave videos playing when you put the app in the background.

I’m using the more-info method of viewing camera streams, but that requires another click to open more-info.

I know there is a custom card to show more-info in Lovelace here, but I expect that would also cause massive battery and data usage.

2 questions:

  1. Does anyone know a way to navigate to a page where more-info is automatically open, but would close when leaving the page.

  2. If I want to experiment with the more-info card, what is the easiest way to detect the data usage that would happen if a camera stream were left open?

EDIT: Third question: I haven’t played with dashboards much, but could that be a workaround i.e. switch to a camera dashboard to view a stream, then would switching back to the regular dashboard stop the data flow to the now unused dashboard?

Cheers, Richard

That’s one thing to do the other is to just stop using the live view picture entity cards until the issue is resolved. The goal is to stop the videos from playing before you navigate away from the app.

Thanks for responding.

Is it confirmed that navigating away from a dashboard would stop videos from playing?

If not, how would I test that?

users have reported that closing the more info panel when its open and navigating to another tab or dashboard not playing a video stops the issue from occurring.

Thanks. I’m looking for a way to get to a live view without needing to open and close the more-info view. Cheers.

I have a view for the camera, in panel mode on, and inside a picture entity like this:

type: picture-entity
entity: camera.outdoor_camera
camera_image: camera.outdoor_camera
show_name: false
show_state: false
name: Outdoor View
camera_view: live
action: none
action: none

I’m still experimenting, looks like sometime have problems, sometime it works.