Local Tuya - Control Tuya devices locally (Fork from localtuya)

Thanks. It’s working perfectly

Did anyone try to add a Tuya Zigbee gateway without any devices added on it? I’m trying to figure out whether my Lidl Silvercrest Zigbee gateway will work and I can’t add it without explicitly defining DPs 101 and 102, and when I do this, I need to choose the entity type, and there is no “gateway” or “hub” entity type. Can anyone who succesfully added a Tuya gateway give me some details about their configuration?

Add a device to you hub ! through the app

I’m trying to set this up but am stuck.
My device is being found by the integration and I do have the device ID & local key but I keep getting:

Try to change Theme, to default (dark/light)( Just during the setup !)
Is it your first device ?, do you have your devices in iot.tuya ?

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Hi, I changed the theme to HA default but still the same error.

I was using rospogrigio (which was working) his version but since it has not been upgraded for some time I wanted to switch over because HA was giving warnings for this integration.

As the error shows the device doesn’t return any status. What is this device you’re trying to set-up?

A bulb, filament, white & warm white

Check the DM

edit: another thing that I forgot to mention that if your device is connected to another local integration including the Smart Life and Tuya APPs the device may not return any status. so ensure the apps is closed when you connect to the device.

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I have 40 Tuya devices in the "“Brilliant Smart” app. Tuya integration references only the official Tuya app and the install process fails with the scan QR code in the smart brilliant app so there must be some differences to the official Tuya app. Should I reset my devices and rediscover them in the official Tuya app which will take me ages or is there a better way to get them into HA from the Smart Brilliant app?

Hey there. I was wondering if there is a possibility to change from RGB to RBG? I am using the Tuya LED controller on an old strip at it seems that the cable configuration doesn’t match. I’ve seen that this is possible in the Magic Home Integration but I have’t seen anything like it with Tuya. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@umu_ugg :

Did you see this Pull Request on the forked Git, maybe you can get in contact with the Author and integrate it into your Release.

It adds Support for Ledvance and other vendors into localtuya, would be nice to have it in this fork too

@avataar / @umu_ugg : Maybe you two should get in Contact :wink:

Never heard off “Brilliant Smart App”, but have you “added/binded” this app to your iot.tuya dev-account ?

Just finished migration 12 Tuya devices to this local implementation. Excellent performance so far. Thank you.