Lockout card

Wondering if anyone knows of a custom UI component that would work like a lock-out card?
So between 9am - 4pm the card is greyed out, or inaccessible, but after 4pm it works as normal. Perhaps is triggered by a binary sensor, or input boolean, or even just a set time & date.

tl;dr, prevent a card from functioning normally between specified time & date.


I’d just use custom:button-card. Between that and judicious use of a conditional card, You can make it do just about anything you want.

Want a card that can display custom stuff, labels, icons, grids? …it’s got you.

  • Can be manipulated with CSS - yep
  • Can respond to templates - yep
  • Conditionals - Yep (attributes and states)
  • Can lockout pieces of the UI (there’s a lock feature that supports breaking through the lock or no, and by user ID) - Yep.
    And for the things you can’t make it do - use a conditional card to hide it and replace it with something else.

You’ll get lost in this thread - have fun…
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