Logbook almost always broken

Why is Logbook always broken? each time HA restart, for example this morning when I updated supervisor to 200. The only solution for me is to delete ha.db and loosing all history.

what exactly happens?

When I click on logbook tab, I have nothing displayed. Then I delete the db file, reboot and I can see again my devices activity, but of course I loose history. Do not know why, I use a USB disk to avoid data corruption.

Displayed message is:

No logbook entries found

Could you read this?
Regarding the matter - the logbook is slow, it’s a known issue (I’m unable to use it at all and there is/was my open issue on Github).
You can try this custom component, apparently it might help.

Thank you, I’ve already read this. But did you read my problem? :wink:

No, sorry, this is not the question about slow or quick, this is that the Logbook is not available. Maybe I’m not clear enough, sorry.

Message when I open the Logbook:

No logbook entries found

What I do afterthat: I delete the home-assistant_v2.db procedure I read (yes!) when searching in this forum! And afterthat, I can see again my Loogbook.

So, to resume, my question was:

Why is the Logbook almost broken? Thank you.

that’s exactly why I asked you to read that guide. your problem wasn’t described with enough details but it included a bit offensive overstatement - not the best way when you’re looking for help (or you’re frustrated, weren’t you?). imho, of course.

As I said, I almost stopped using logbook but I never saw anything like this.

Aha. So by “broken” you mean “does not display anything”? That’s better.

Sorry for my nitpicking, but your original question was

which is not the same (and in both forms you’ll most likely hear only similar moans and no solution - who enjoys being blamed?).

Unfortunately, I’m not a person who can help you with this particular issue but I tried to help you to ask your question so it gets answered.
It’s not what all of us can do right naturally and I cannot say I can do it easily myself.
On the other hand, if we all will come to this forum and aggressively “demand for a solution” the whole community will lose, not gain. And die off eventually. Because of us. Imho again :wink:

My answer was not aggressive at all, what I could find very basic is to always include a link “do you read this?”
And my question was clear enough, anyway, I couldn’t find any added value with your answer. If you do not understand the question, please, do not take the time to answer. Best regards.

Do I personally always do that or it’s a general statement? If the former, I explained you why.

I might understand problems with your question and I also explained them to you.
That’s up to you what to do with that knowledge. Happy to know my answer didn’t have any value, thanks for the feedback.

ok I can see the problem. if you need someone to communicate with, please search on the web for other forums that are more in adequation with your needs. Your answer have no added value in this forum, for me and for other people who may by mistake read it. If you want to play the teacher, find someone else, clear enough? Hope it was polite enough.