Logically inverting state argument

Is it possible to invert or logically negate the state argument?
Suppose I have a sensor that has three (3) possible states. I want to create a history_stat sensor that reports the time for all states but “off.” The result would be for the other two possible states, i.e. NOT “off”. Can this be the history_stat state: argument NOT (“off”) or !(“off”)?

  - platform: history_stat
    name: state_test
    entity: sensor.history_test
    state: NOT("off") or !("off")
    type: time

You can specify a list of all values you want the History Stats sensor to track.


You can’t specify the states you do not want it to track.

Yes, i had tried that and it was not working. Because, despite how entities are written in either all lower case or mixed upper/lower, I have gotten into the habit of entering only lower case in code sections. The yaml interpreter throws up otherwise. This does not apply to entity states in the DB and I sometimes forgot that.
Correcting the state spelling to match exactly as to upper/lower case, fixed the list aspect of the state: entry.
Actually I was trying the other method only as a test which is no longer needed.

You’re welcome!

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