Logitech's stance on local APIs

My assumption is that this has nothing to do with customers, but rather customer data. If the hub will be forced to use cloud only, that means that Logitech or its partners will have data about all the users’ interactions, integrations, etc. Marketing that data is what drives so much of the internet today.

Some good news:

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Ladies and Gentlemens we did it. Logitech seems to have opened on this issue. Logi_WillWong has updated the statement of logitech on the issue. You can see it in the thread on logitech forum.

Logitech Thread


Indeed, we have made it possible for those who wish to continue using XMPP to do so, by manually installing a new FW version. Going forward, we will maintain this capability and suggest this path for anyone seeking local network control over your Harmony Hub.

See Will’s update along with instructions here. The January update Will mentions will simply make it easier to enable XMPP, vs the manual FW installation available now.

Apologies for the confusion the last few days.




Will this be upgraded to an offical support local API by logitech?
What about the second local API (Websockets that is used by the IOS App). The devs are planning to use this API for future realeases of HA. Wil this interface also be supported. As i understand this interface has more possibilities then XMPP.

Hi jodur,

XMPP is the only option we are currently committed to maintaining for local control, and using other undocumented APIs may be subject to similar interruptions like we saw this week as future FW updates are rolled out. Our goal is not to play wack-a-mole with the community, hence the re-enabling of XMPP today.


Thanx for the reply and the wisdom to recognize that there is a “driving” community who are using your product in a way, you didn’t foreseen by design or use case. It’s good to see Logitech realized they “overlooked/under estimated” the amount of customers and Influencers the “home control scene” has.

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I also had a reply on a Logitech forum post to the same effect. Good to see they’re listening to customer feedback.

Or maybe all of the 1 star Amazon reviews are having an effect!

I’m surprised. how a company can cripple your product!!
This used to be a great company, but…
دوربین مداربسته

Hi everyone,

I am on the Harmony team with Ian and Todd.

I’m pleased to announce that our latest Harmony mobile app update, version 5.6 for iOS and Android, along with Harmony firmware version 4.15.250, will begin rolling out this coming Friday, February 15, 2019. With this mobile app update and latest firmware release, XMPP is now an option in the Harmony mobile app. By default, Harmony firmware will keep XMPP disabled, but via this new setting, motivated users can enable it.

For those of you already using the special firmware version 4.15.210 with XMPP access, when your hub upgrades to 4.15.250, you can easily re-enable it by following the instructions posted here. You will not need to use the cumbersome firmware update process as you did in December. If you experience any issues, please let us know in our forums, We’ll do our best to respond quickly and sort it out.

Going forward, future firmware updates will respect your current setting, so this should be a one-time action on your part.

For anyone interested, on March 3rd, an engineer from cyber security firm Tenable will be giving a talk where he will describe his experience exploring potential vulnerabilities with Harmony Hubs. It was Tenable’s research and communication with us that originally led us to the potential risks.

Happy Home Automating, everybody :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up Will. I’ve put the message on our social media to spread the word. https://twitter.com/home_assistant/status/1096187885726982144

This is great news! Restores my faith in the Logitech brand!

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So, how is it going to be in HA now? Since websockets is in use now, will we have an option to use xmpp again?

I have an issue with Harmony hub (4.15.250), I have the following error in HA (0.87.1) log:

ERROR (MainThread) [aioharmony.hubconnector] XXX.XXX.X.X: Exception on post: 0, message='Attempt to decode JSON with unexpected mimetype: ',
ERROR (MainThread) [aioharmony.hubconnector] XXX.XXX.X.X: Unable to retrieve HUB id

I’ve also had this issue since 87. I was running the official harmony firmware and even replaced it with the developer firmware and it has not fixed the issue

Same issue here Harmony hub (4.15.250), HA (0.87.1)

> Platform harmony not ready yet. Retrying in 30 seconds
> Unable to connect to HUB
> Unable to retrieve HUB id
> Exception on post: 0, message='Attempt to decode JSON with unexpected mimetype: '

Was working on developer firmware

I have this errors, too.
But I haven’t enable the harmony component?!? Why do I have this error???

#  - platform: harmony
#    name: Wohnzimmer
#    host:


019-02-18 18:20:15 ERROR (MainThread) [aioharmony.hubconnector] Exception on post: 0, message='Attempt to decode JSON with unexpected mimetype: '
2019-02-18 18:20:15 ERROR (MainThread) [aioharmony.hubconnector] Unable to retrieve HUB id
2019-02-18 18:20:15 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.remote.harmony] Harmony Hub: Unable to connect to HUB.
2019-02-18 18:20:15 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.remote] Platform harmony not ready yet. Retrying in 150 seconds.

identical problem here, this morning everything was fine…

Have you guys enabled it in .250… See here

you can easily re-enable it by following the instructions posted here

I have. It did not fix the issue. It’s not actually required to do this either. HA works just fine without the developer firmware. I went ahead and installed it anyway just to see if it would make a difference,which it did not.

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