Logitech's stance on local APIs


An issue was created on github related to that problem.


I am a bit puzzled. For me it does work enabling XMPP (firmware 250) on HA 0.88.1 but does not work without XMPP.
Restarting HA was required.
I thought that HA developped a websockets method not to use XMPP or did I misunderstood.

I also read about installing another version of harmony.py but if i never did any customization should i have a need for this?

Is XMPP now the supported method for Harmony? If so then the documentation needs an update with a reference to open this on your hub.


No, on 88.1 you don’t need xmpp, maybe back in future release…
But important, 88.x works only with firmware 250 on harmony hub, not backwards compatible


But, in my opinion, xmpp works better, I have lots of unavailable state on websockets, that’s why I am loading the old harmony.py file as a custom component, so I am using xmpp again


Thanks for your response and explanation.
Still I remain a bit confused. You mention that there is no need for XMPP after 0.88.1, however my hub is not discovered without enabling XMPP. I did not perform any customization on harmony.py.


maybe fixed IP ?