Looking for Blueprint for Motion + Lux Level

Am fairly new to all things HA. Am at a loss really when it comes to Automations. I have found NodeRed much simpler, but would like to give HA-Automations another go. Blueprints appear to be a better way (for me) to get into the HA way of doing things.

there is a blueprint for Motion + Light device.

Anyone able to develop taht further to hav Motion, IF light level is “low” and then turn off light X seconds after motion has stopped


Most people won’t develop a blueprint for one person, although this does sound like a good idea. There’s a reason there’s a GUI editor for automations. Here’s a quick guide:


Select the restart behavior in the dropdown.


Select your device in trigger, and choose “when ___ detects motion”


Select your device in conditions, select light level above/below


Select your device in actions, and select turn on. Add a delay for the amount you want. Select your device in actions, and select turn off.

This won’t turn the light off if the light sensor detects more light. Could you share more details about your sensors like brand, how you integrated them, and possible entity values?


thanks for the response. I was digging around this evening when I noticed that someone had just done what I was looking for : Enhanced motion controller to activate scenes by time and illuminance

Power of Open Source and the wonderful HA Community ! :slight_smile:


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