Looking for Lovelace Mobile UI view ideas

I am not good when it comes to figuring out how to design a UI. I try to paste random things together and I get lost when there are so many options.

Can anyone share their UI ideas for mobile (hiding any sensitive data of course) is you would be so kind?

Currently I just have a blank screen. I have Compact Custom Header, Custom Button Card, Text Divider Row, and Banner Card all installed and ready to go, I just don’t know how to use them all in a nice way. I almost just want to copy someone else’s view idea and go with that and maybe tweak it.

I made a list of what I stuff I have in my house to display as a start.

House mode MQTT sensor (Home, Away, Night, Someone Asleep, Vacation)

GF and My status (Home, Away, Asleep) (will accomplish the sleep with a template entity but for now Home / Away is good enough)

Alarm status

Thermostats status

    On or off

    Current temp

    Target temp or target temp range

    Fan mode

Light switches

    Living room




Fan Switch


Light bulbs

    2 Bedroom Lamps (grouped)

    3 Living room lamps (grouped)

    1 Office Lamp




        Living Room




        Front door

        Garage door


        Sliding door

I know I may be asking too much but just want an idea of what different people have so I can get some inspiration.

Simply the best by @jimz011

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I would prefer a customless solution . Any inspiring screenshot?

I like his setup, but definitely a bit too overkill for me at least for right now. I am trying a peeling and onion to kinda learn and built from the bottom and once I get tired then i usually take a solution off the rack. Usually that is how I work. But I agree this is simply the best solution I have found.