Looking for recommendations on 5"-6" recessed lights

I currently have dumb recessed leds in my ceiling and they are on a lutron caseta dimmer. They work as a whole but I’d like something with more individual control so I’m looking for a smart recessed light to replace this setup.

Any recommendations?

I have 6 of these Zigbee downlights in my basement, recently I’ve seen them on clearance at two different Home Depot’s for only $13 each. They can be dimmed and set anywhere between 2700-5000k.

They work great, never had a problem connecting them or controlling them from HA.


The website says not sold in stores but I definitely saw them at two stores. I checked Brickseek at the time and saw they also had plenty on hand, like 40+ for each store near me…

Are you using the wink hub?

Originally yes but now I have an Elelabs Zigbee USB adapter so I use the ZHA component in HA.

This is OT here but @cybergrimes, you have your Elelabs stick working and there is another user on here who is struggling with getting their stick working. Maybe you could drop in on that thread and offer advice?:

I’ve given all of the help I can without actually having one of the sticks to use as a reference.